Weekly Pottery Classes with Dan!

Do any of the following sound good to you?

  • Centering yourself and healing your mental health
  • Connecting to all four major elements: earth, air, water, fire
  • Meeting up with a group of the most excellent of humans
  • Digging your hands into wet, wonderful clay
  • Creating epic shit from blobs of mud
  • Escaping the fuckery that life often can so often be

If so, then invest in your mental health and happiness! This is your place!

Donkey Mud Pottery Studio is not your grandmother's pottery studio. Come as you are. Be who you are. A little crazy is good. A lot of weird is awesome. 

I started this studio to fill my social bucket and do something amazing with friends and family, so it has always been a place where we feel comfortable to do what we want, say what we want, and just be human together. People will bring wine or snacks, cursing will definitely happen, and constant laughter will make neighbors wonder what's *really* going on in there.

Classes start at $110/month (plus clay & firings) if you bring your own tools, and they go up from there if you want access to my more epic, state of the art tools & equipment. Basic classes include basic (beautiful) glazes and access to pottery lessons and experience throughout the entire pottery process. View all membership options & prices here.

CURRENT WAITING LIST: 9-12 months (just an estimate - totally depends on when people drop out). Must be 18 or older. Ages 15-17 can participate with a guardian enrolled in the same class.

Get on the waiting list:

Text me at 385-352-3314 with your information and let me know this kind of class is up your alley. I'll add you to the list!

NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or to terminate student access at any time. This pottery studio is at my home, which is my sanctuary, and I work hard to keep it that way. Just be a good human!