Pottery by Dan Pearce

I've been a professional author and blogger, professional artist, professional poker player, business executive, and business owner ten times over. Never in a million years did I think my greatest passion would become pottery, yet here I am...

Unable to get enough of it. Unable to quit pushing my own boundaries to see what beautiful thing I can make next. And always able to find such joy in sharing the journey of it with you.

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A "Sensual Saturday" pot (and video) created just for you...

Pottery on the wheel is just... Sensual. It's spiritual. It's at times suggestive. It's just mesmerizing to watch. And now you can watch me create a pot made especially for you.

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The 12-Pot Giveaway!

I'm currently making twelve different pots to give away to twelve different followers on social media, each with their own personality and pizazz.

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In Utah? Join my weekly pottery classes!

Learn pottery in my brand-new state of the art private studio, located in Herriman


We honestly might have a little too much fun. Especially when people bring out the... Uhhh... Wine. 

Current wait: 4-7 months.

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  • Reason #1

    You'll have your gift giving covered for life! It's not such a damn expensive hobby when you think of it that way, is it... Plus, handmade gifts just mean more.

  • Reason #2

    Jealousy. Everyone you know will be jealous of you. Jealous you are doing it. Jealous that you love it. Jealous that you make such epic stuff. Jealous that everyone else is so enthralled by it.

  • Reason #3

    Playing with mud is fun. It has been since you were a little kid. It will be until you're an old fart with one foot already in the ground.

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