Dan's Giant Bowl Giveaway

I'm going to let the universe decide via a ping pong ball which bowl from my Big Bowl Series is given away, and one lucky subscriber to my newsletter will be chosen as the winner. Every single bowl from the series will be in play!

After this epic series has ended and all the reveal videos have been shown... I am going to take one step back behind all the big bowls, bounce the ping pong ball just once, and whichever bowl it lands in will be the bowl I give away to one of you.

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Hey, you awesome human.

Do we keep new epic pottery series coming?

Whoo, this has been a heck of a series so far, hasn’t it? And… It's decision time for us.

I'm at a crossroads where I have to make a business decision. I can either do what I’ve been doing, which is to keep making new epic pottery series to share with all of you. That, of course, means also making a lot less pottery to sell than I normally would since these videos take so much of our time.

Because of that, we’ve reached a point where I have to decide between continuing what we’ve been doing with all of you or shifting my focus and making a lot more pottery off-camera, which sadly would mean creating far fewer series.I simply can’t continue doing both and I’ve been trying to for a couple years now to make it happen.

First let me say this. I will be a-okay even if we don’t all work together to keep constant new videos coming. I’m not starving or anything. I own a beautiful home, and I have a blessed life.

But… I’ve also had to report negative income the last two years trying to make this work without asking for any help.

The problem, my friends, is that I can’t create these video series without paying my assistant Courtney a very modest full-time wage to help me. And I also can’t create them without seriously slowing down the amount of pottery I can create. 

So, I’m {gulp} coming to all of you to ask if it’s worth it to you to help me keep going. I’m letting you decide. It’s what I would definitely love to keep doing. Creating these series brings me so much joy, trying to bring what I do to the world.

A lot of people pitching in to make it happen can definitely make it keep happening.

Truthfully, I don’t just want Courtney’s help. I need Courtney’s help to pull this off. She records the videos. She goes through all the footage again and edits the videos. She helps me stay on top of pottery. And she’s in charge of a whole giant list of other things, too (see below). I’m paying her full time out of my own pocket and I’m also working 60–80-hour weeks to keep these series coming your way. With the average video costing me about $123 to produce (when all is said and done), it’s something I can’t responsibly keep up with any longer.

I really want my videos to remain free to anyone and everyone. Usually with a following my size, there’s plenty of money to be made with sponsorships. In the pottery world? Not so much. I’m not interested in developing a subscriber-only plan, either. There are just too many people who can’t afford anything at all who truly benefit from these series.

So, if these series brighten your day or inspire you and are worth it to you, and if you want us to keep making them, and if you have a little spare cash to throw into the tip jar... Do us a favor? Scroll down and share what you feel comfortable sharing? I know so many people literally can’t, and that’s a-okay, too. My channel and our time will remain my gift to you.

By the way, I make enough selling my pottery to cover my own monthly expenses, this is more about keeping Courtney on and keeping videos coming. 100% of everything you give will go to Courtney. I’ll be giving her 20% of everything now as a bonus for working underpaid for so long, and the rest will go fully to pay her for ongoing employment. If enough comes in, I’ll even give her a bit of a raise. She definitely deserves one.

Anyways, much love my friends. I’d really love to keep these going. I have so many epic series I have in the planning stages (all of them much shorter than the Big Bowl one).

Sometimes, we’ve all just gotta bite the bullet and ask for a little help. No worries either way. I hope Courtney and I have brought you enough value that we get to keep it going…

Wanna see everything Courtney handles to make this all happen? Tap here

  • She gives me 40 hours a week over five different days, sometimes working overtime

  • She cleans my pottery station and keeps the studio clean and in good order

  • She helps me load and unload the kiln.

  • She helps me mix and store clay

  • She removes studio waste and helps reclaim clay

  • She uses 1-3 phones at a time to help me shoot all the footage

  • She combines all the video footage so we can bring amazing angles and clips

  • She goes through all the hours and hours of video footage to cut it down to usable clips

  • She spends hours on every video editing and trimming them down to 90 seconds or less (so much easier said, than done)

  • She adds graphics and subtitles to the final videos

  • She helps me plan and manage all the different social media accounts

  • She checks on and constantly moves pottery around the studio

  • She searches for amazing props and tools we can use

  • She helps me photograph all the finished pottery

  • She helps me carefully package and fulfill all the pottery orders

  • She helps me create listings on my pottery shop for each and every pot or bowl

  • She joins me for brainstorming sessions with me to come up with epic content

  • She takes part as a participant in many of the videos

  • She gives me endless mental and emotional support to get through these series

  • She even helps me feed and bathe my pup, Mud

  • More than anything, it's Courtney who makes it possible at all for me to create these videos for you all!

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