Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to many of the most frequently asked questions.
What do the different "Ceramic Levels" mean on each piece sold?

  1. Each piece has been graded by me with a A, B, or C level. There are so many things that can affect the overall quality of homemade pottery, and I want you to have an honest idea of what caliber of pottery you will receive. Prices are also set based on the "Ceramic Level" of each piece.
    CERAMIC LEVEL A: As close to perfect as I can make it. No s-cracks in the bottom of the piece, beautiful glaze that has adhered well by the clay during firing, few to no blemishes or imperfections, great thickness, form, etc. These are the pieces I love, love, love and I hope you do, too.
    CERAMIC LEVEL B: There may be a few small imperfections, slightly uneven base or rim, slight sag from the firing, slight glaze problems (such as crawling or unwanted crazing), small hardly noticeable s-cracks in base, slightly heavy form, etc. I sell these pieces at a slight discount.
    CERAMIC LEVEL C: These are the pieces that have more noticeable flaws, form, glaze problems, s-cracks in the base, etc. While still functional, these pieces aren't my best work, and so I sell them at a steeper discount.
  2. Why sell your lesser work?
    First of all, some people may still love it. Second, and this is the biggest reason, it lets me support one of my favorite charities, The Special Olympics. 40% of the profit of all B LEVEL pieces will be donated to The Special Olympics. And... 100% of all C LEVEL pieces will be donated. Just because something isn't perfectly formed doesn't mean it can't have great value!
  3. Can I order custom pottery from you?
    Thanks for thinking of me, but no.
  4. What happens if my pottery shows up broken or damaged?
    Pottery is breakable! I pack everything to ship very well, but shit happens sometimes. It is very important you video the opening of your package if there is damage. Since I have no way of knowing whether you bumped it on the counter or it broke in shipment, it's important you take a quick video while you open a damaged shipment so that any damage can be verified. If there is shipping damage, I will refund your payment, no worries! I do insure all pottery, so if it was damaged, we can get you that refund!
  5. Can I get a refund for another reason?
    No, all sales are final.
  6. Why do you launch everything for sale at the same time?
    To cause a feeding frenzy! Haha. No, really though, it's because it's just easier if I create everything at once and then sell everything at once. Pottery is such a long process, it would be very difficult to find a flow if I sold pieces as they were finished. 
  7. Is there any way to jump the line and get into your pottery classes sooner? 
    Yes. Venmo $250 to me, which I will match and donate 100% to The Special Olympics. You'll jump next in line. ALSO... Experienced potters who already know how to throw on the wheel (or hand build if that's what they want to do) get to jump the line.