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Custom Large or Giant Mushroom/Toadstool by Dan Pearce

Custom Large or Giant Mushroom/Toadstool by Dan Pearce

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I am selling exactly ten of these large/giant custom ceramic mushrooms! First come, first serve.

You choose the colors and style, the size, etc!

I get to work creating you an absolutely incredible work of art that will be great *decorating your yard or your interior.

I do not yet have examples of glazed and fully finished work for non-Raku mushrooms. Rest assured, glazing is my strong-suit and I will deliver a spectacular finished product.

My process will include: hand-throwing and texturing the mushroom base on the pottery wheel, hand-molding the mushroom top, die cutting and fixing the spots to the mushroom top, adding gills (the texture on the bottom side of the mushroom), attaching the pieces securely, meticulously air drying your mushroom over weeks (this requires a lot of attention), sanding and cleaning up the piece, firing it into ceramic, hand-glazing the entire piece, and then firing it either in the electric kiln (for stoneware) or the raku kiln (for raku).

In other words, this is a very time-intensive project. Thus the reason for the price I charge.



  • stronger and holds up to the elements better
  • more color specific and the colors are more customizable
  • slightly quicker process from start to finish


  • a beautiful unpredictable firing that takes place outdoors
  • colors can be vibrant and metallic
  • more involved and time consuming, but if you like the style, absolutely beautiful and one-of-a-kind


  • Large will measure between 10-14" across, height will vary but will be proportionate
  • Giant will measure between 15-18" across, height will vary but will be proportionate 


  1. Please note ceramics take time. This is a large piece, which means it will need to dry very slowly. The entire process will likely take 6-12 weeks from start to finish. 
  2. I do not ever recommend you leave ceramics in extreme temperatures (either hot, or cold). Bring it inside in the winter if you get freezing temperatures and keep it in the shade in the summer if you live in a scorching climate.
  3. I will deliver to you a beautiful whole finished work. Sometimes pottery cracks, it's part of the art form. Should this happen, I will need to start completely over.
  4. That being said, please note that drying and/or raku cracks on the very bottoms of these mushroom are inevitable for nearly 100% of them. These cannot be seen while the mushroom is on display, don't change the functionality of it, and are not considered fails with this particular project. There is just too much weight and enclosed parts that it is close to impossible to not have a crack form on the bottoms.
  5. Please note that there are no guarantees with colors/glaze. The best potters can do is get as close as possible trusting the process, but since there are chemical reactions going on, sometimes things come out slightly different than what was hoped. At my level of skill it's rare to not get pretty dang close, though.
  6. There are no refunds or redos. I'll give you all the information you need to communicate your desires to me.
  7. Shipping and handling is extra. These things are heavy and big and need lots of protection.
  8. If for some reason I cannot complete your project, I will refund it in full.

NOTE: I do my best to capture the true essence of all my pottery. Please note that every piece will look different depending on its surroundings and lighting, or on different screens.

All purchases are non-refundable. International orders may require duties and taxes, paid for by customer upon delivery. All my pottery is stoneware or porcealin, meaning it was fired at higher temperatures with more premium clay and glazes to make it truly durable. The only exception to this is Raku pottery which is fired at a lower temperature but still very strong. If you are buying any of my pottery as part of a collection or pottery drop, please note that it may take me 1-2 weeks to prepare the entire drop for shipment. Thank you for your patience.

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