Collection: Beautiful Broken Nerikomi Pieces - A Conversational Art Collection

If you've been watching the series, you know that this beautiful broken piece of nerikomi pottery has very special meaning. 

We all experience brokenness at times. Sometimes we find ourselves in way too many pieces, despite our best efforts to make ourselves whole. Sometimes we just can't seem to fix what's wrong. And that's what these pieces are all about.

Let me tell you how these came to be...

I spent days and days trying to dial in a special new nerikomi pottery process that I came up with to make the most magnificent ringed bowls. And... I finally dialed it in! I made several of them successfully and I thought they'd be mega-stars, selling for a really nice price. These bowls would have sold for $2k-$3k each. But... I did something less than intelligent and they all developed big cracks. It was an overly emotional moment for me when I discovered what had happened. 

Instead of tossing them, I thought maybe many of you would like to own a piece of the broken pottery as conversational art pieces. I broke the bowls apart into multiple pieces and went through the entire finishing and firing process with each and every one.

Friends, so many of us get to the finish line and are still broken or damaged, but that doesn't mean we're any less beautiful. In fact, in many ways our wounds and our trauma make for beautiful insights and conversation with those we care about. We may not be whole, but we each have wisdom so many lack who have never gone through the same gauntlets. 

The finished pieces came out just as stunning as I hoped. And it's my pleasure to share them with all of you. I hope they bring lots of good thoughts and interesting conversation to your space.